A program that was created through a partnership between Mount Royal University and Alberta Parks is offering respite and support for those who are experiencing grieving and loss.

‘Good Grief’ is an eight week program that gives people the opportunity to take part in a series of gentle, guided walks along local nature trails.

The goal is to give those who are grieving a chance to chat and enjoy nature with others who are walking the same path.

In 2015, MRU and Alberta Parks embarked on a study that looked at parks, nature and the end of life.

Researchers found out that nature teaches people how to grieve and the walking program has become a natural next step for those who participate.

Judi Gunter's husband, Tom Donoghue, died nine months ago and she says the walks are about sharing and community.

“It wasn't sitting around a table sobbing, it was going for a walk in Fish Creek and with other people who were facing a loss and enduring the grieving process,” she said. “I miss him everyday.”

The program is the first of its kind in Alberta and so far has been a huge success.

The spring session ends on June 26 and organizers hope to offer the program again in the fall.

For more information on Good Grief, click HERE.