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Heat warnings expanded as 14 Alberta locations set new records Monday


A strong ridge of high pressure sitting over the western portion of Canada and the U.S. has prompted heat warnings as dangerously hot temperatures persist.

In Alberta, 14 locations set new daily maximum temperature records on Monday, including some that had been in place since the 1930s – and the hottest days are still to come.

Daytime highs will peak in Calgary Wednesday at 34 C, and reach the high 30s in southern Alberta. With the humidex, it will feel even warmer than that throughout the region.

These kinds of temperatures create significant health risks to vulnerable people especially as the ambient temperatures exceed what is considered to be a normal body temperature. It is imperative to find ways to cool down and stay hydrated – check in on neightbours and ensure animals are also following the same protocols as humans require.

This ridge is slow-moving as the clockwise-circulating high pressure system in the ridge remains anchored by counter-clockwise rotating low pressure systems east and west of it.

A frontal system is expected to dislodge it late Wednesday and potentially produce some severe thunderstorms – a less than ideal scenario for a region that is already very hot and dry.

This period of unusually warm weather has amplified the risk for wildfires – leaving most of Alberta under a high to extreme rating on the Fire Danger Relative Index (an assessment that considers 1. How easily a wildfire could start, 2. How difficult it would be to extinguish said wildfire, and 3. How much damage a wildfire could do).

Wildfire smoke from active fires also prompted some air quality advisories as particulate is sitting over northern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

As that ridge starts to track east on Thursday, showers are possible in southern Alberta and temperatures will drop slightly. However another ridge is expected to move in early next week – pushing temperatures back into the 30s by Tuesday. Top Stories

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