CALGARY -- Another LOTTO MAX draw has come and gone this week, but the $70 million grand prize has yet to be claimed.

However, smaller prizes were won in Alberta, including the city of Calgary.

According to the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation's (WCLC) website, four winning MAXMILLIONS tickets were claimed in Friday night's record-breaking lottery.

Two $500,000 prizes were sold in Calgary while a third half-million-dollar prize was won elsewhere in the province, outside Alberta's two major centres.

A larger, million-dollar was also sold in Alberta.

The winning numbers are as follows:

  • 1-4-10-11-15-36-49 (Calgary $500,000 prize)
  • 4-18-24-25-28-29-41 (Alberta $500,000 prize)
  • 14-26-37-44-46-47-49 (Calgary $500,000 prize)
  • 20-23-31-34-42-46-48 (Alberta $1 million prize)

The website adds Friday's top EXTRA prize of $250,000 went to a ticket sold in Saskatoon, Sask. while $100,000 went to a lucky winner in Winnipeg, Man.


However, even if your numbers don't match one of the larger prizes, don't be too hasty to throw them out.

The WCLC's website indicates more than 500,000 tickets sold country-wide won $20 while 2.6 million tickets scored their holders a free play in the next draw.

Tuesday's LOTTO MAX will include the estimated $70 million grand prize plus and additional 70 MAXMILLIONS prizes.