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Olympic gold medallist Kaillie Humphries' abuse allegations to be reinvestigated


Calgary-born Olympic gold medallist Kaillie Humphries will have her allegations of harassment against Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton investigated again. This comes after she successfully appealed the first probe.

The reinvestigation into certain complaints was ordered by the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.

“The [SDRCC] Arbitrator at the same time upheld the dismissal of a complaint of retaliation made by Ms. Humphries, which alleged that her massage time had been purposefully reduced by BCS,” Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton said in a statement.

CTV News asked the SDRCC for details on the reinvestigation, however, it said it does not comment on the subject matter of particular cases.

“The Arbitrator expressed no view of the allegations that will be reinvestigated. The remaining allegations are that — allegations. They will be reinvestigated," read a statement.

In January 2019, Bobsleigh Canada confirmed Humphries had filed a harassment complaint with the organization the previous year. She alleged verbal and mental abuse by head coach Todd Hays.

The complaint was forwarded to an independent investigator. Ultimately, the investigation found that Humphries' allegations could not be proven.

In August 2019, Humphries filed request to be released from Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton enabling her to try out for the American team. She was refused.

Shortly after, Humphries filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against BCS and asked for an injunction that would force the sport's governing body to release her.

In mid-September, a Calgary judge ruled she wouldn’t be released, but by the end of the month, Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton released her. Humphries now competes for Team U.S.A.

“BCS looks forward to a prompt reinvestigation with Ms. Humphries’ full support,” said Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton.

CTV News has reached out to Humphries’ lawyer for comment. Top Stories

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