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Pain at the pumps: Gas prices get early start on next week's expected hike


It was a surprise at the pumps in Calgary on Tuesday, when motorists found gas jumped five cents to $1.54 per litre.

Gas prices across the city rose ahead of another expected jump next Monday.

Costco was advertising regular gas for as low as $1.39 per litre, but the average, according to was around $1.51 per litre.

The highest in Monterey Park was $1.59.

The federal carbon tax will increase the price at the pumps on Monday by a further three cents per litre.

The provincial fuel tax will also be fully reinstated, adding another four cents per litre.

Energy analysts say pressures on North American markets along with more volatility in the spring months are to blame.

The demand for driving is also pushing prices up ahead of the summer months.

We are not expected to see prices soar as high as we did in 2022, however.

Analysts are telling us we could see at least another 15- to 20-cent jump per litre by summer before those prices start to tumble come the fall. Top Stories

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