Calgary's professional lacrosse team is taking a financial beating and it could spell the end for the Roughnecks.

On the weekend, Owner and General Manager, Brad Banister had to tell the team that he couldn't meet the payroll.

The Roughnecks only generate revenue from ticket sales and advertising and do not make money off of parking, concessions, and luxury box sales.

Banister is calling on corporate Calgary and private citizens to help save the team as they did with the Stamps in the 1980s.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Banister said "A lot of corporations have benefited from having the Roughnecks in the city. How many pops and beers have been consumed over the last ten years? How many people have taken the LRT or even cabs to and from our games? The Stampede Board has done well on parking as well as the airlines, hotels, bars etc. You get the idea the list goes on and on."

He went on to say that they desperately need the city and corporate Calgary to step up.

The team has raised more than $1 million for local charities over the last 10 years and the players have been ambassadors for the sport throughout North America.

The team has won 2 NLL Championships and is currently in first place in the west with a 5 – 3 record.