Cost over runs are changing the plan for the new south Calgary hospital when it opens in 2011.

When construction began last year the cost of the new hospital was pegged at 1.4 billion dollars.

Due to sky rocketing construction costs, the price tag has since jumped to 1.7 billion.

To come in on budget the health region has decided against including dedicated mental health and obstetrics wings, but officials stress those services will still be available at the hospital.

The liberal opposition isn't happy about it and blames the conservative government for not building the hospital sooner.

"Well, we got to this point by not building the hospital when we needed the hospital. Said Deputy Liberal Leader," Dave Taylor, "if we had started construction five, six, seven years ago when we should have we could have built the whole thing for under half a billion dollars."

A spokesperson for Alberta Health told CTV News that the province will not be putting extra money into the project to cover cost over runs.

Phase one is still on schedule to open in 2011 and the entire hospital is to be complete by 2018.