A Calgary customer is questioning Telus over an apparent breach of federal privacy laws.

Tara Blum received a replacement Blackberry after her original one stopped working. But the replacement Telus sent had someone else's personal information - including pictures, emails, contacts and all of their information - still loaded onto it.

Blum told Telus of the problem and they sent her a second replacement. Turns out, that one was also pre-loaded with someone else's private information. "I just want to make people aware that this is going on and people have got to watch out for their own privacy," says Blum.

Telus told CTV News it takes this issue seriously and has launched an investigation into the problem. The company says refurbished Blackberries are supposed to be wiped clean by technicians and the manufacturer Research in Motion. Telus also says privacy breaches are rare.

The federal privacy commissioner's office says it is prepared to investigate but it needs an official complaint before that will happen. Blum says she's waiting to see how Telus deals with the issue before taking it a step further.