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Calgary teenage girls sample the political life

A group of Calgary teenage girls got a taste of the political life Friday.

Twenty students in grades nine to 12 visited city hall as part of a "She Governs" event.

They assumed the roles of mayor and councillors, holding a debate in council chambers on single use plastics.

Students also had the opportunity to speak to councillors Sonya Sharp, Jennifer Wyness, Jasmine Mian and Kourtney Penner about their experiences in politics.

"If you want to go to politics, I know that that's a path that I can take because there are other people who have kind of paved the way for me," said grade 11 student Brooke Negash.

Grade 11 student Brooke Negash at She Governs

"This She Governs event is – it's a really powerful thing and it encourages and empowers female leaders to go and pursue those positions of power," said grade 11 student Nicole Sun.

"There are hurdles and we are overcoming them consistently," said Calgary councillor Kourtney Penner. "So I just say look to those who come before you. Ask them lots of questions. Look to them to be mentors for you."

The event was held in partnership with Equal Voices Calgary, an organization that advocates for equal representation of women in elected positions.

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