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Danielle Smith looks to defend Brooks-Medicine Hat seat against NDP, Alberta Party contenders

United Conservative Party Leader Danielle Smith United Conservative Party Leader Danielle Smith

United Conservative Party Leader Danielle Smith has been the MLA for Brooks-Medicine Hat since winning a by-election for the seat Nov. 8.

The seat became available after former UCP MLA Michaela Frey resigned, so Smith could run in the riding after winning party leadership and becoming premier.

Now, just six months after winning the seat, Smith will have to fight for it again.

But she doesn't appear to be fazed by the challenge.

"I'm excited about this election because elections matter. It really will, I think, chart the course not just for the next four years, (but) maybe for the next decade," she said.

Smith is confident in her and the UCP's ability to win the election.

"I can tell you, when the UCP got elected last time, we got elected on a platform of jobs and economy and we delivered. We lowered taxes. We balanced the budget. We brought investment and jobs and people back to the province," she said.

Alberta Party Leader Barry Morishita

Smith won't be the only party leader running in the riding as Alberta Party Leader Barry Morishita will also be on the ballot.

"Well, we certainly want to change the way we do business. We see the polarization, the division. The Alberta Party is a centrist, moderate, practical option and we're trying to give voters something to vote for," he said.

Morishita is the former mayor of Brooks and has served as leader of the Alberta Party since 2021.

He also ran in the November by-election, finishing third.

He's aiming for a better result this time around and believes his party can help to provide more choice for Albertans.

"I think there's a lot of concern about trust. Can you trust the parties that have been there before and said it and seen it before but you don't really see massive improvements?" he said.

Alberta NDP candidate Gwendoline Dirk

Gwendoline Dirk will represent the Alberta NDP in the riding.

She finished second in the by-election.

While health care is her top priority, she also hopes to improve affordability in the area.

"The other really big priority here is to get more affordable housing in both Medicine Hat and in the city of Brooks, where people are struggling with this. We have a tremendous shortage," she said.

The Alberta general election is May 29. Top Stories

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