There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but commuters will be allowed back into the downtown core following the flooding last month.

Macleod Trail is expected to be slower than usual and the road surface may not be as smooth at you remember it, but the downtown will be getting back to normal this week.

“The downtown is open for business,” Mayor Nenshi said on Monday. “Welcome back to the downtown. 12 days after we have seen the worst flooding, we are back and we are open for business.”

Parking remains to be an issue in the core, so if you’re able to leave your car at home, it’s strongly suggested that you take transit or another alternate to driving in.

Also, blue bin collection is suspended for one more week.

Parents will be happy on Tuesday because all public recreation centres are open and camps will be continuing as scheduled.

All government services, including Passport Canada, Service Canada, and the Canada Revenue Agency, will all be operating normal hours out of the Harry Hays building.