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Stay off the ice, warns Calgary Fire Department

A stock photo showing broken ice on a body of water. (Pexels/@cheneymediaproductions) A stock photo showing broken ice on a body of water. (Pexels/@cheneymediaproductions)

The Calgary Fire Department is cautioning people to stay off the ice amid the unseasonably warm weather.

Though rivers, lakes and ponds in the city may have frozen, the fire department warns that ice may be dangerously thin or unstable thanks to the above-average temperatures.

On Monday, the fire department said there were several 911 calls about people who were on the ice, including a report of young children on the Bow River "throwing rocks and trying to break through the ice."

"With warmer temperatures in the forecast for this week, the Calgary Fire Department wants to remind Calgarians to stay safe by staying off of ice-covered bodies of water," said a news release.

The fire department is also asking Calgarians to ensure their pets stay off the ice.

If you see a person or animal fall through the ice, you're asked to call 911 immediately and refrain from attempting to rescue them yourself.

Instead, the fire department says you should encourage the person to kick and pull themselves up onto the ice, and roll (rather than walk) toward the shore.

"Keep your eyes on them to provide 911 and fire crews with their exact location," said a news release.

"If the person does get out of the water and onto the ice, reach or throw an aid to the person such as a branch, or rope." Top Stories

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