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Town of Cochrane says reservoir levels no longer critically low


The Town of Cochrane says its reservoir levels are no longer critically low.

In a statement Wednesday night, the town said water conservation efforts and water hauling from Rocky View County and Calgary are making a difference.

But more than a dozen homes have no water as repairs continue on ruptured lines.

A handful of businesses are also cut off.

"It was the fire department, roughly around 11 o'clock, that tapped on our door and informed us later the next day, which is today, they'd be shutting off our water to the neighbourhood here," resident Craig Pidsadowski said.

They were told they'd be without water for 48 to 72 hours while crews work to isolate the burst pipes that have been leaking since Saturday night.

"We filled our bathtub this morning first thing, knowing that the water's going to be cut off because I just have to have the ability to flush my toilet, so we need to fill our tub in the one bathroom so that we can have something to fill the tank with," resident Paul Annis said.

Mandatory water conservation orders and water hauling efforts from Rocky View County and Calgary have paid off for now.

But all residents and businesses are still under a water conservation order, which means bathing, washing dishes and doing laundry only when necessary.

The town is still losing a lot of water as the lines have yet to be fixed.

"We have determined that installation of some valves will be the best way to go forward. ... You will see crews likely working to install these valves that will help us isolate the leak," said Mike Derricott, town CAO.

"We're trending positively but we're certainly not out of the woods yet."

People impacted by water shutoffs are being delivered potable water and a water truck will be on the street.

The Calgary YMCA is offering Cochrane residents free access.

Residents are welcome to use showers, recreational facilities and exercise classes. Top Stories

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