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Canadian National Barista Championships brings a crowd to Calgary

Calgary is playing host to some of the best coffee makers in the country this weekend. 

The annual National Barista Championships are taking place at Eight Ounce Coffee on Saturday and Sunday. 

A dozen of the best baristas from across Canada are competing in front of judges to see who can create the best cup -- and who has the best technical skills. They'll be judged on their presentation, interaction and knowledge. 

 "They are competing to represent Canada in the World Barista Championship that'll be happening in a few weeks in Athens, Greece," host Tyler Hagan said. "It's an incredible opportunity to gather the coffee community here in Calgary and celebrate coffee."

The participants will present three unique drinks to the judges: an espresso course, a milk course and a signature beverage. 

One local contestant says he's excited to represent Calgary.  

"This is the best city of speciality coffee in Canada," Paprik Liu told CTV News. "For me, it's very cool and it's also an honour to represent Phil and Sebastian -- I can't do everything by myself."

The finals wrap up Sunday evening.