CALGARY -- They were one of the first public areas and sports that were relaunched during the pandemic and now Alberta golfers have even more freedoms.

According to a notice from the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada (NGCOA), the Kenney government loosened some of the rules that were put in place to help prevent COVID-19 infection among players.

Some of the changes included the requirement of wearing a mask or riding only with household members on powered carts, returning water fountains and coolers to clubhouses as well as changes to the food and beverage protocols.

The NGCOA added in the letter that all other health protocols are still in place and, with particular consideration to water fountains, they will need to be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

The Ranch Golf and Country Club

Alberta Health tells CTV News in an email that there were no specific regulations put into place for golf courses, but they had updated some of the guidance when the province switched from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of its reopening.

The document pertaining to golf courses appears to have been updated on June 18.

It also contains permission for buffets and self-service food options at golf courses, provided a commercial caterer who holds a food handling permit is present to supervise the area.