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Coyote calls on the rise in Calgary; city wildlife team advises caution


The City of Calgary's wildlife team says they're fielding hundreds of calls about coyotes.

This happens every spring as new pups emerge from dens.

Officials want you to know what to do if you encounter one.

As more people head outdoors with the warmer weather, they're bound to spot more signs of wildlife.

"I'm concerned. (My dog), he's small. He's good food for a coyote," said one man out walking with his best friend on Wednesday.

Coyotes are most active in the spring as they establish den sites for their litters of pups.

"They can be a little more protective and territorial, especially with people with dogs -- they can interpret it as a rival predator," said Harry Aime, integrated pest management wildlife technician.

It's in coyotes' nature to avoid humans but in shared spaces like parks, you might cross paths with one.

Back away slowly.

If it seems aggressive, try to scare the coyote by shouting, waving your arms and stomping your feet.

You can even throw something in its direction.

Wildlife crews will intervene if the coyote becomes aggressive but say negative encounters are rare and can be avoided.

Keep your dog on a leash, pick up after your pet and secure bins on your property.

Other tips to avoid a run-in include keeping cats indoors, cleaning your barbecue and not approaching or feeding wildlife.

"(Coyotes) serve important ecological functions. They control pest species, they keep ground squirrels under control, so it's a matter of living with them," Amie said.

"In most cases, problem coyote behaviour is a result of problem people behaviour."

The city does monitor where coyotes are more active and other wildlife trends, so if you spot or have an encounter, you’re encouraged to report it to 3-1-1. Top Stories

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