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Letter linked to UCP MLA asks government to stop Alberta employers from mandating vaccines


As more and more Canadian companies and municipalities announce stringent vaccination policies, one Alberta MLA appears to be asking the province to go in the opposite direction. 

A letter obtained by CTV News recommends the UCP government ban employers from enacting mandatory immunization in their own businesses. 

The letter has an email signature from Airdrie-East MLA Angela Pitt. 

It asks the party put forth "legislation that prohibits discrimination based on private, personal health records," citing the potential "segregation of our society." 

The letter refers to "deeply divisive" decisions to implement vaccination requirements for staff members in the Town of Banff and at Calgary Flames hockey games. 

CTV News has attempted to verify the legitimacy of the letter through multiple phone calls, emails and visits to Pitt's Airdrie office. 

The UCP caucus was also contacted to either confirm or deny that the letter was sent by Pitt. 

A staffer at Pitt's office was repeatedly asked the same question. 

Neither party would comment.

"It is troubling that we continue to have members of the government caucus that are going against the science and against the public health recommendations," said NDP MLA David Shepherd.

"I certainly support folks that are looking to create a safe workplace for their employees, and we know that vaccination is the safest and most effective way."

The letter comes the same week as a lengthy Twitter thread from Health Minister Tyler Shandro, which reminded constituents that the "government has not and will not mandate a so-called ‘vaccine passport’ for domestic use."

The Alberta Government website says those private vaccine decisions made by businesses and municipalities "may be subject to legal challenges by individual Albertans."

Pitt previously made headlines for speaking out against her government's pandemic health restrictions. 

In April, she urged Albertans to do their own research before receiving the vaccine. Pitt later said she would get vaccinated. Top Stories

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