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Online auction has something for every fan of Wynonna Earp


Fans of the sci-fi western Wynonna Earp have a chance to take home a piece of the show this weekend.

That's because hundreds of items used as props in the show are now up for auction in Calgary, and the online sale is generating buzz around the world.

Wynonna Earp  has only run for four seasons so far, all produced and shot around Calgary, but it boasts a huge, loyal fan following, and their passion is manifesting in one bid after another.

The collection at Hall's Auctions is extensive.

"It is a big project," said Hall's Auctions' Kevin King. "We've had staff members working on this for months."

The auction, he said, features 1350 items, all with a direct connection to a show with a powerful following.

"Everything here has appeared on camera," said King.

Wynonna Earp shot four seasons in and around Calgary. It was a sort of paranormal western with strong characters, supported by a fanatical behind the scenes attention to detail.

"And you can see that they've done a very extensive job putting this all together and this will mean something to a fan that's truly dedicated to the show," King said.

At its core, Wynonna Earp is a show about finding love and family.

"Part of what develops is the Waverly and Nicole romance that really is just fantastic with the chemistry there, so it's a very inclusive show," said Kevin Bachelder, from the Tales of the Black Badge podcast.

It's a simple, matter-of-fact portrayal of an LGBTQ2S relationship, part of what resonates with countless fans around the world.

"It wasn't a thing on the show," said Anne Hicks-Bleecker, a fan and podcast host. "It didn't need to be a thing on the show. It was just two characters who fall in love and have a great connection."

A portion of the proceeds are going to Skipping Stone and Rainbow Railroad, both LGBTQ2S organizations doing very different work.

These items will further the connection for many fans – already bids have come in from around the world.

"Officer Nicole Haught," said King. "She seems to be one of the fan favourites, so bidding on her items have been really active."

Some of the items include Doc Holliday's 1970's Camaro and of course the Demon Slayer's magic pistol.

"It's called the peacemaker, but only the chosen descendant of Wyatt Earp can wield it," said King. "It will only fire for the chosen one."

It's a collection that has many at home frantically trying to pull the trigger on a piece of fan history. For more on the Wynonna Earp prop auction, go to the Hall's Auctions website. Top Stories

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